Learning the Q# Language Will Make You the Desired Developer, Microsoft Says

Quantum computers are going to be world-shattering for sure. However, according to a Microsoft general manager, learning Q# language is what developers need to survive the afterward revolution in software development.

It was at a tech convention that Krysta Svore pointed out the importance of learning one of the freshest coding languages—the Q#. She believes, programmers who are familiar with this language can already start exploring the ultra-fast computing era.

In this article of Coding as Creating, therefore, we’ll inspect the nature of Q# language while offering insights regarding its importance.

What’s the Q# Language?

Q Sharp is a programming language that Microsoft created in 2017. The main feature of this language is the ability to deliver quantum algorithms as qubits. It’s a stand-alone programming tool when being run from the “Command” line and/or “Visual Studio Code.” However, developers can utilize it as an extension for Visual Studio, too.

Q Sharp is included in the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit alongside a simulator for programmers.

Are There any Ultra-Powerful Computers Yet?

Right now, there are some speculations that Google and NASA have already achieved quantum supremacy with such processors. However, scientists claim that we are 5-10 years away from seeing actual functioning devices.

On the other hand, it was only a couple of weeks ago that a leaked paper from Google stated that this company has built a functioning super-fast computer.

Although other companies and startups are working on comparable projects, we’re not 100% that there are fully functioning ultra-powerful processors out there.

But what does it mean for a coder?

The U.S. government wants to spend $1.2 billion over the next five years to advance quantum computing technologies, Business Insider reported. So, it simply shows that a new area of software development is emerging.

Any developer who’s familiar with Q# is going to be the most wanted employee in 5 to 10 years. So, it’s a great investment for a programmer to learn the Q Sharp language and equip their arsenal for the upcoming revolution.

Learning This Domain-Specific Programming Language Will Change Your Career

Svore once stated, “Without people entering [quantum computing] fields and not knowing how to program period, we’re not going to be competitive.”

What she points out is actually the soon-to-come need for skilled engineers/designers who’re able to handle qubits and programs for super-powerful computers. Without such people, the whole industry will lack further advancements.

If you start learning Q# language right now or try to encourage the young to do so, you’re actually guaranteeing a high-paying job in the near future. Plus, you’ll already know that there are not many competitors in the field—which means you’ll be the already-winner of the game.

Microsoft Wants to Share Q# Knowledge with Developers

You can start self-education with the help of the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit. It’s an open-source material available for any interested programmer.

According to Svore, the company wants to see more people engaging in this novel field. That’s why they’ve kept the kit at no cost to make it easier for everyone to contribute and develop.

Since it’s an open-source material, you can download it and opt to change the structures directly. Moreover, you’d be able to attend the Q# contests of Microsoft after mastering the language.

Learning Q Sharp in 2019 is a great way of ensuring a high-level job at a high-end company in less than 5 years. And if Google’s leaked paper about their recent achievement is accurate, you’ll not even need to wait for that long!

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